SportDog - Canvas Throw Dummy - Orange - 3 Pack

SportDog - Canvas Throw Dummy - Orange - 3 Pack

Brand: SportDOG
Product Code: SAC30-13303
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SportDog - Canvas Dummy - Orange - 3 Pack

High-visibility orange dummies are good for throwing against all backgrounds. Weighted for easy throwing, they simulate actual game size and weight. The canvas material holds game scent better than plastic dummies.

Excellent for both young and adult dogs 
Readily holds game scent 
Includes rope for throwing 
Weighted for easy throwing 

Adjustable weight/buoyancy No
Colour Orange
High Visability Yes
Holds Game Scent Yes
Material Canvas - Outer Polyethylene Foam Sand - Inner
Throw rope Yes
Weighted for easy throwing Yes
Suitable for :-
Suitable for Most Dogs
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