SportDog® - TEK Series 1.0 - E-Collar Module

SportDog® - TEK Series 1.0 - E-Collar Module

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The TEK Series 1.0 E-Collar module allows you to add training functionality to your existing TEK Series 1.0 GPS Location Only system. This DRYTEK® waterproof module easily connects to your GPS Tracking Collar to allow you to track and train your dog from up to 7 miles away. Choose from continuous, momentary, and rising stimulation, vibration, or tone.

KEY FEATURES    Choose between momentary, continuous, and rising stimulation
E-Collar Module
Long Contact Points
Operating Guide
Getting Started Guide
Basic Training Manual & DVD
Allen Wrench
Test Light
TONE/VIBRATION OPTIONS    Tone and vibration options
RANGE    Up to 7 miles
WATERPROOF    DRYTEK waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
DOG SIZE    10 pounds or larger
NECK SIZE    5" - 22"
BATTERY TYPE    Rechargeable Li-Ion
BATTERY LIFE    Minimum 20 hours of "on-time" per charge


Batteries Required Rechargeable Li-ion (supplied)
Max Range (m) 7 Miles
Average Battery Life Minimum 20 hours of "on-time" per charge
Recharging Time 2 hours
Number of correction levels 99
Water Proof Yes - upto 7.5m
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Number of Operation Modes 2
Remote Control Yes
Vibration/Tone Option Yes
Suitable for :-
Collar To Fit Neck size 12.5cm - 55.5cm
Suitable for Your dog should be able to learn basic obedience commands such as “sit” or “stay”. The collar may be too large for dogs under 3.6 kg or dogs with a neck size under 34.3 cm.
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