SportDOG Bark Control

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  • SportDog - Clear Competion Mega Dog Whistle
    SportDog - Clear Competion Mega Whistle Features: Easy-to-blow design  Long range control  Protects handler’s ears  Directs sound forward  ..
    Ex Tax: £1.49 £1.79
  • SportDog - Roy Gonia Special Whistle without Pea - Orange
    SportDog - Roy Gonia Special Whistle without Pea - Orange W/O Pea: Easy-to-blow design  No trill, hi-frequency  Excellent for puppies and close-work  Won’t freeze  ..
    Ex Tax: £1.49 £1.79
  • SportDog® Original Roy Gonia® Special Orange Whistle
    The Roy Gonia®Special Dog Whistle from SportDOG™ Brand is hand-crafted and has been used to train more Field Champions than any other whistle. The whistle features a lower-pitched sound that carries farther and an easy-to-blow design for effective communication while training or in the field. The Ro..
    Ex Tax: £2.99 £3.59
  • SportDog® Roy Gonia® Mega Whistle
    Perfect for hunting or training, the SportDOG Brand® Roy Gonia® Mega Whistle protects the handler's ears by directing the whistle's sound forward. This field and training whistle is great for long range blinds and wet and windy conditions that require a louder whistle. Features Easy-to-blow..
    Ex Tax: £3.20 £3.84