Bark Control

SportDOG Bark Control

SportDOG Brand Bark Control incorporates Perfect Bark™ - a technology which provides firm, fair and consistent bark control.

Perfect Bark means that collars must detect both vibration and sound to trigger a stimulation - meaning that only the dog’s bark will activate the stimulation, eliminating the risk of false stimulation because of environmental noises or another dog’s bark. 

Safe and effective for dogs over 3.6 kg.

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  • Anti-Bark Spray Collar™ Basic Spray Bark Control  The PetSafe® Anti-Bark Spray Collar™ Basic Spray Bark Control is simple to operate. When the sound of your dog’s bark triggers the microphone, a burst of spray is emitted which dogs find unpleasant. While not harmful, it is a sufficient deter..
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  • Deluxe Bark Control Collar - PDBC-300-20
    Dogs have different temperaments. This innovative collar has three modes, each with six levels of electrical stimulation, so you can fine tune according to the unique needs of your furry pal. If you choose, the static stimulation levels can also be set to automatically increase after each subsequent..
    Ex Tax: £62.21 £74.65
  • The PetSafe® Deluxe Anti-Bark Collar has two primary features designed to shorten the training phase and promote good behaviour.   First, the Deluxe Anti-Bark Collar has a unique patented sensor that provides the most reliable bark detection available. The Deluxe Anti-Bark Collar use..
    Ex Tax: £74.33 £89.20