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  • SportDog® TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking
    Taking the SportDOG® tracking range to the next level, October 2012 sees the introduction of the revolutionary combination tracking and training system: TEK 1.0. Providing unbeatable GPS tracking capability in a compact Handheld Device, you can now track and train using one single systems – it's the..
    £478.80£599.99 Ex Tax: £399.00
  • SportDog® GPS Dog Collar Tracking System - TEK-V1L-E
    The TEK 1.0 GPS Dog tracking collar offers hunters the ability to get an instant fix on up to 12 dogs' locations all the way out to 7 miles with just a glance at the compact Handheld Device. This system is perfect for those that run hounds for predator or varmint hunting, beagles for rabbits, or all..
    £402.00£419.99 Ex Tax: £335.00
  • SportDog® - TEK Series 1.0 - E-Collar Module
    The TEK Series 1.0 E-Collar module allows you to add training functionality to your existing TEK Series 1.0 GPS Location Only system. This DRYTEK® waterproof module easily connects to your GPS Tracking Collar to allow you to track and train your dog from up to 7 miles away. Choose from continuous, m..
    £191.99£221.99 Ex Tax: £159.99